ZOOM catalog

HOA is proud to announce a Brand New Service to its customers--ZOOM catalog.  You now have the ability to electronically browse the catalogs of all of our major factories right from your computer screen.  You also can do searches that take you right to the catalog pages of those factories offering that item.  I think that you will find this a remarkable way to SAVE TIME and BE GREEN!!!! 

Just click HERE to begin your journey!!!!!!!!

Item Search Instructions:  You can search for specific items by entering the item name (ex. ceramic mugs) into the search box and then clicking on "SEARCH".  As the various catalog pages come up, just click or double click on the page that you want to see.  Once the page comes up, just click on the page to enlarge or click again to return it back to its original size.  In the enlarged stage, just push your mouse around to move up, down, and to the sides of that page.  Roll your mouse over the icons at the bottom for additional options.

Catalog Search Instructions: You can view the various catalogs by using the various functions in the "View Catalogs" section or entering the catalog name in the "Line Name" and clicking on "Search." 

As the catalog of your choice is displayed, double click on the cover and wait for the catalog to load.  Once it is loaded you can turn the pages by clicking on the turned up bottom right corner of the page. You can then click on the page to enlarge or reduce to normal size--move your mouse around (as described above) to review different sections of the page.

Keep in mind that you have multiple opportunities at this time--just hold your mouse over the icons at the bottom for the various available options for that catalog.