Hands On America has "Case Pricing" with many of the nations largest wearable wholesalers.  We feature our best wholesalers below.  Just click on the link and you can go right into the site.

SANMAR--This is the largest of all of our wearables warehouses and the supplier that we most often use for your wearables. 

We have CASE PRICING rights with Sanmar which allows us to save you a small fortune on your wearable purchases while purchasing any quantity of any size, color and style.

Alpha--This is one of our most popular wearables warehouses.  Again, we have CASE PRICING rights which allows us to begin our pricing to you much lower than most other folks!


Since this industry is so large and can be somewhat complicated, we have designed our own "drive thru window"  Just complete the form below and we will then do the research for you and build you a personalized electronic store (pictures, prices, specs--the whole works) of several different items that might meet your needs.  You can then review the store, decide what you want and either order via the shopping cart in the store or call, fax or e-mail us with your order